Hi Coach Meyer, 

It was great seeing you on Saturday at Joey's game.  He and I appreciate the note you gave him.  He will apply your suggestions in future games.  

See you in the fall.


Ted Platz (Father (1/22/2017)


Dear Mr. Meyer,

Khalil is really enjoying his league play in the FSCHEBL and gaining great confidence from his coaches and teammates! He is eagerly, waiting for the school season.


Ernnie Grayson  (9/26/2017)

Hi Kent

THANK YOU so much for coming to watch the game last night! Sussex sure has a nice program and played well.  We have been struggling in so many ways with our record showing it 1-4. Thanks for the special notes that uplifted my girls after a tough night

Tracy  (Mother of two players)  (12/28/2017)

Hi Coach Meyer – I wanted to thank you for coming out to our game at Oak Creek over the holiday break to see Kristin play.  I’m sorry she only had a few minutes on the court.  That was really a very nice write-up you gave to her-it made her day.

She came out the next day in the tournament and actually got some decent minutes scoring 10 points and having 3 steals.

Kristin loved being a part of your program this past fall and the previous year and will for sure let other younger players know about it.   We will miss the infamous Coach Meyer! 

Thanks again for everything!  

Patty Gaulke  (1/3/2018

I have been attending Kent Meyer's FCHEBL since it was started years ago. Coach Meyer cares about each and everyone of his players. This Sunday Clinic is the best around and the players improvement is something to see. The FCHEBL is a must for all player, boys and girls from grades 9th and up. Thanks Coach Meyer and your entire Staff for what you do for student athletes!........... 

Coach Luther -

Assistant Coach of Men's Basketball



Thank you Coach Meyer!  I had so much fun, learned a lot, and enjoyed it.  I wish I would have played before this year being my senior year.  I know it would have helped me become a better player.  I got much better because of playing in FCHEBL.  I will be attending Carroll University.

Justin Gruber, Sr.

Menomonee Falls



Thanks for putting on the FCHEBL.  It is always good to get another look at the kids we are heavily recruiting.  We also get a chance to chat with parents, so that adds to our recruiting as well.

Joshua Mills

Assistant Coach of Men's Basketball
Ripon College



Love your enthusiasm 

Mark H. Maley

WB West 1997-2013

Cardinal Stritch 2013-2016 


Hi Kent,

 You're welcome and thank you for organizing another great fall event.  It is very valuable for us and a great opportunity to see quality players!


 Brian Vraney
Men's Basketball Coach
Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511



Hello Kent, 


Just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for having us to the Fishbowl League this fall. It was awesome for us to be able to watch all the kids we are recruiting. Your dedication to these kids is very well shown as this is an awesome event that out staff always looks forward to attending.  


Thanks again and will definitely see you next year! 


Lukas Thein


Recruiting Coordinator/ Assistant Coach Edgewood College Mens Basketball



Coach Meyer

FCHEBL gives the players a step-up for the start of high school season.  We are parents of a senior, we will miss it next year.  Kent and program helped my daughter Kayla get ready for the high school season.  It helped her Junior year, hopefully her senior year as well.  Thank you Coach Meyer - Alicia FCHEBL Player & Tony DeRosia Parent. 2016


Hi Coach,

The quality of the FCHEBL players both are the best in skill & behavior.

Tony Price -Grandparent if Big Boot/FCHEBL player  2016


Coach Meyer,

Another opportunity to have exposure to college coaches.

Cammie Yetka FCHEBL Parent of Drew Yetka - Oak Creek -  2016




Thank you again for this great opportunity.   Your program is fantastic.   What a great group of girls and talent.   Savannah looks forward to next year!  


Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to make this program happen.



Patti Walsdorf parent of Savannah Walsdorg - Kiel - 2016



I would recommend this league/exposure to anyone interested.

MyJa Durn - FCHEBL Player - Sheboygan Falls  2016



Opportunity to play games & keep playing after summer leagues.  FCHEBL is a positive over-all experience.

Herriges - parent of Hailey Senior - Kewaskum 2016



Like the players coming together and getting to know each other from two states.  Excellent Program!  Art Larson parent of Vi Larsen - Big Foot  2016


Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all you do for the girls. Ashley has fun and I think got back in her game before school ball started.

You do some great work!!


Steve Brooks Parent of Ashley Brooks - Winneconne 2016 



Coach Meyer,

I am extremely happy to announce I will be continuing my education and playing basketball for UW-La Crosse next year. I want to thank you for hosting FCHEBL and giving me many great coaching points the past couple years. I will be recommending FCHEBL to basketball players going Muskego and anywhere in the area. Thanks for everything!

Matty Farner



Hi Kent, Thank you so much for this great opportunity. Jordyn improves each week by being there.

Traci Ellis (Mom)

Matty Farner - FCHEBL Former Player 2013-15

Great time of learning, developing skills, great competition, & "fun".


Kent- It was nice to see you at the Belleville vs Wisconsin Dells Girls game this past Saturday.  Most importantly though I want to say "Thanks" for the notes of encouragement you gave to Jenna at the end of the game.  Once again, just a confirmation as to why she enjoyed FCHEBL this past fall.  It's nice to see the positive feedback that you and your staff willingly share with the young athletes.   I know Jenna was glad to see you and really enjoyed the "notes"!Hopefully, we'll cross paths again this basketball season.  If not, see you at FCHEBL 2016.  Ladd Mace, father of Jenna Mace, Class of 2018 Wisconsin Dells.


I am glad you took an interest in FCHEBL.  I think Jay will find the league enjoyable, well organized, and competitive.  Kent Meyer is a class individual.  He surrounds his program with good coaches, fair play, and is dedicated to providing a positive experience for each of the players.  Kurt Krueger, father of Ryan Krueger, Class of 2017 Hortonville.

My son is a senior and has been here three years.  It has been a quality experience. I think the 'Coaches' Comments' feedback is crucial to the experience; these aren't just pick-up games.  I really appreciated the consultation with a rep from National Scouting Report last year. - Jim DeBroux, father of Evan DeBroux, Class of 2016, Random Lake.

I liked the fact that my son was able to play with other strong athletes and have the exposure to college coaches. - May Kay Heinold, Ozaukee parent.

I'm so glad I got the opportunity to play in FCHEBL.  I liked that it is a competitive environment where I could still focus on improving my game.  Everyone came to play their hardest each week. I frequently checked the website to see when the 'Coaches' Comments' were posted and tried to work on the areas of improvement during the week. - Grace Kinsey, Class of 2018   Lake Zurich, IL.

Equal playing time across the board- Marshall parent.

I always enjoy the positive, well-organized and competitive environment. - Kurt Krueger, father of Ryan Krueger, Class of 2017, Hortonville.

Great coaches, great competition.  Great program!  Thanks! - Dean & Sandy Winkel, parents of Sara Winkel, Class of 2016, Kiel.

Competition is good & balanced playing time- Michael Gardipee, father of Jordan, Class of 2018, Port Washington.

Most importantly I felt the positive and encouraging atmosphere and comments made all the girls believe in their God-given abilities and talents.  They saw an opportunity to flourish with confidence!! Relationships and friendships were built.  Keep the great and positive experience you're providing these young athletes. Ladd Mace, father of Jenna, Class of 2018, Wisconsin Dells.

I liked the stats and 'Coaches' Comments.'  Good competition and good coaching.- Ken Della, parent of Nick Della, Class of 2016, Waukesha Catholic Memorial.

Stats were very inaccurate. -Brookfield Central parent.  FCHEBL response: We regret any errors or omissions and any distress this may have caused.  We are leaning toward not publishing stats in the future. 

Thank you! - Heather Fetherston, mother of Parker Fetherston, Class of 2018, Jefferson.

Team work and competition. - Quinlan McDonald, Class of 2018, Elkhorn.

I like Coach Meyer's postive input. -Lisa Nelson, mother of Darren Nelson, Class of 2016.

Re: Coaches' Comments:  Always good comments.  It's nice to see positive helpful needs to improve comments. - Rick Geiger, parent of Natalie Gieger, Class of 2017, Lomira

Fundamentals are reinforced.  You can see the growth of the players throughout the course of the league. - Mark Bittmann, parent Bridget, Burlington Catholic Central.

This was a wonderful opportunity for my son.  I appreciate the consistent  education and confidence building for my son and his skills. Coaches were great. -Mat Wall, parent of Mat Wall, Class of 1916, West Allis, Nathan Hale.

Good structure. Good instruction. Good equal playing time.- Doug Oomens, parent of Courtney Oomens, Badger, Class of 2018.

Great kids, good officiating.  Keep up the good work!  Parent from University Lake School.


 We have tried other leagues and have found FCHEBL is by far the best.  They are truly invested in helping improve every player's game.  The league and all of the coaches gave our children an opportunity to grow not only as players but as people. My son is a senior and has played at FCHEBL since a freshman.  He had a great experience. Our daughter is a sophomore and wants to continue to play in the league. - Nancy Horn, mother of Zach, Class of 2014, and Morgan, Class of 2016, Winneconne.


 I like the level of competition, huge focus on getting All Conference and higher caliber players. -John Penney, parent of Jayla Penney, Class of 2015, Rockford Christian, Illinois.


"Kent is one of the best basketball minds in basketball.  He is a hard worker and very passionate about life and basketball.  I learned many life lessons from Coach Meyer.  He encouraged me to become a coach, and I am still coaching today." Mitch Muma 10/9/2013 Coach, teacher at Elm Creek Public Schools, NE.   


[I liked] that FCHEBL mixes kids together from all different high schools. - Mark Cincotta, Class of 2015, Jefferson. 


Thank you again for putting together a "great" fall league!  Coach Brian Vraney, Beloit College 9-21-2013


This is an awesome event.  FCHEBL provides opportunities for small town athletes to be seen by college coaches. - Coach, Carroll University  9-22-2013


The opportunity and exposure is great. The competition is very good. Overall, a very good experience. -Joanne Archer, mother of Joey Archer, Class of 2015, West Allis Nathan Hale



Coaching comments were a great motivation for Megan.  She is really enjoying this league.  It has been a great experience for her.  Thanks!  Peggy Ranney 9-26-2013



Hey Guys!  Great job at FCHEBL.  The Janesville Parker girls are really having fun at your league.  Mike Thompson 9-24-2013


Thanks Kent!  I have to tell you that Megan loved the league and really liked her coach for her team.  His style of coaching was a perfect fit for Megan.  She commented to me again yesterday on the drive home how much she liked her coach and how fun he made things.  

Thank you for all you do to make this league happen for the kids, it was a super experience for Megan.  -Suzy Olson, mother of Megan Olson, Class of 2016, Brookfield Central


This is a very well-managed program. -Whitnall parent


Everyone gets an equal chance to play at a high level of competition.  [My coaches] always had positive things to say.  I felt very comfortable talking with them. - Erin Beeck, Class of 2014, Sheboygan Falls.


This was Becca's last fall session with the FCHEBL family.  She has played in your league for the last three years.  Those years were wonderful and will be looked back upon with a smile.  It is not often you find an organization based on faith and family.  You are truly a wonderful family and kudos to all of you.  We wish you continued success in the many years to come.

Bless you,  -Janet, Bill and Becca Skurski, Class of 2014, Honanegah, Illinois


Thank you for organizing such a nice league and providing this basketball opportunity for serious players. -Pam and Ken Muth, parents of Monica Muth, Class of 2015 Cambridge.


[I liked FCHEBL because] it is so competitive. Everyone we play against has a love for the sport. -Kaily Moegenburg, Class of 2014, Plymouth.


The level of play was great.  Thanks for the opportunity. - Peggy Ranney, parent of Megan Ranney, Class of 2015, Lake Mills.


I liked the Top 5 Statistics.  It let me see where I compared to the rest of the players in the league.  -Jake Shore, Class of 2014, Menomonee Falls.


The extra coaching done before the team play [clinics] was helpful.  Positive atmosphere here.  Everyone helpful. Referees were good.  Level of players was great. Thanks so much for everything. -Glenda Szydlowski, mother of Rachel, Class of 2015, Wilmot.


I wanted to thank you for organizing and running such a wonderful league in Milwaukee.  Your entire family puts their hearts and souls into hosting this fall event.  It is somewhat bitter sweet this year, as our Sam is a senior.  But please know our family has very much enjoyed the FCHEBL the last 2 years!  I will continue to refer players to the FCHEBL who want to improve their game. Wendy Lambrigsten, mother of Samantha, Class of 2014, Oregon, Illinois. 10-7-13



Hola Meyer family ( Kent) ,

     I just thought I would share with you that Sarah just came back from China. She played on the US National all star team =)  And even more exciting is that she was offered a contract and will be playing professional bball in Copenhagen Denmark !! WWHHAA HOOO Her dream has come true =)

Thanks for everything,

 The Eichlers  7/22/13


Abe had a wonderful experience last year at FCHEBL. He played for Coach Lance and grew in skill and confidence. He really grew up last fall because of FCHEBL and Coach Lance. Can’t say enough positives.

Steve & Sally Sadowsky

Bay Port High School 5/02/12

I hadn't taken the opportunity to thank you for helping Andrew (Somerville) and one of his teammates play in last fall's league.  It is a very worthwhile program.  My daughter Angie had played at Parker 1999-2002 and was involved in FCHEBL.  I knew it had been a well run program and was very glad that Andrew had the opportunity to play there also. 

I have told his coaches and now I'm telling you, ....thank you for the time you give to young athletes.  Basketball was the sport that kept our family going (after my husband’s sudden death in 2009) when it was difficult to even think straight.  It helped Andrew focus and set goals for himself.  So I thank you and the others involved for taking time for our kids.  You never know what type of impact you are making!


Deb Somerville

Janesville Parker 4/23/12

I just wanted to let you know what a great program you have.  Jen said she had a great time - the most she has had all summer playing yesterday.  Thank you!

Jean Petkoff

Big Foot 2011-12

Thank you once again for finding a place for Trevor in your league. He had a great time last weekend and is looking forward to this weekend as well. He loves to play basketball and he enjoys it so much more when he is playing with the awesome line up of talent that you have brought to this league.  Look forward to seeing you and watching some good basketball tomorrow.


Steve Wattawa

St. Thomas More 2011-12

Thank you for running such a great League.  Connor really enjoys the competition and the "team" attitude of sharing the ball and working together.  As you know, that is not always the case in these types of showcases.

Doug Weas

Whitefish Bay 2011-12

It is her (Jenna) first year in this league and she is really enjoying it!

Thank you,
Tammy Conom

Sun Prairie 2011-12

My name is Tom Taugher and my son Ryan (#75 Pistons) is playing in the league this Fall.  We have been very impressed two weeks into the league.  Everything has run very smoothly, clinics have been informative, you add great energy to the day, boys and coaches get along well...

Tom Taugher

Menomonee Falls 2011-12

Thank you for all your work you put into running the FCHEBL.  I have enjoyed attending the event.  I don't know if you still send out weekly newsletters.  I would like to receive a newsletter.

Thanks again for all your work!

Josh Mills
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Ripon College 2011-12

Thanks again for the opportunity to promote Top Flight today. The girls were phenomenal, and two parents showed on the boys side. It was fun to work with the girls, and I think most of them took something positive from the brief workout. Take care, and God Bless!

Ajamu Olaniyan
Director, Top Flight Basketball 2011-12

I wanted to thank you for asking Ryan to participate in your league.  He had fun playing with some of the best players in the state.Sincerely,

Jeff Pistone Appleton East 2011-12

I have really enjoyed your program, learned some new things and made some new friends.  I also wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet Ajamu Olaniyan, who put together a workout program for my High School Team.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play at this level and again I’m very sorry I cannot make it tomorrow.

Kaylee Suettinger

Roncalli 2011-12

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the league that you put on this fall.  My son Daniel, while only 15, benefited greatly from the competition that was there. There were some great kids there as well. One that I specifically remember was a senior.  I think he was from East Troy , who took the time to share a few pointers with Daniel.  What a great gesture to a younger player. Daniel is already looking forward to registering again for 2012.

I was really impressed with the passion and enthusiasm that you exhibit whenever you are around the boys.  You really portray a positive influence on the boys.  The energy you show is infectious.  I relayed this to our varsity coach, Dan Leffel, when I talked to him last. Again thank you for running such a great program and I hope to hear from you soon, 

Rick Dahlke 

Menomonee Falls 2011-12

First of all, I want to let you know that I have heard nothing but positives from parents about your Sunday league. The parents and players loved your enthusiasm and passion and your ability to teach the boys the game of basketball. We are so blessed that you make this opportunity for the players. 

Dan Leffel
Boys Varsity Basketball Coach- Menomonee Falls 2011-12

Thanks again for coordinating the FCHEBEL league this fall.  My son (Marcus) really enjoyed the competition.  

Again, thanks for all that you do.

Michael Bond

Brown Deer 2011-12

Hope all is well with you.  Thanks for everything.  Your league has definitely helped (Tyler) his development and prepared him for the next level.

Thanks again,

Dave Butke

Delavan-Darien 2010-11